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Outdoor Grill

Heirloom Grill, our outdoor grill, is open Wednesday through Sunday from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend. 

During the summer, we also feature our Family Fun Days every Wednesday from noon to 7:00 pm.

Grill hours are generally 11:00 am–7:00 pm, but may vary depending on demand. For more details, send us an email.

Summer Camps

For an unforgettable summer, look no further than our Summer Camps program for kids of all ages. Small groups of campers, organized according to age, will rotate through daily segments with their dedicated counselor. Campers will get to learn new skills, make new friends, explore the city, and have a fantastic summer in a non-competitive environment! 

Camp includes skilled instruction in a variety of sports and activities, daily lunch plus morning and afternoon snacks, as well as a commemorative summer Kids’ Camp T-shirt, special Friday fun treats, surprise guests, and more!

Visit our summer camps site to learn more and register.

Youth Programs

Whatever your kids need to be their happiest selves, it's here at the Bay Club. Check back often to see our latest offerings for children of all ages.

Find out more about our summer camps by visiting our summer camps website. To learn more about our youth programs, send us an email.

Just 4 Kids Tennis is designed to enhance your child’s athletic abilities and cultivate friendships. Qualified staff and instructors are always on hand to provide care and supervise activities.

Youth Instructional Tennis Programs
Group classes are level-specific to ensure compatibility among class members. Lessons approach technical and tactical needs at each level of play with the mind-set of getting to the next level. For more information on times and cost, please contact the Tennis Department at 415.945.3024 or via email.

Bay Club Ross Valley Junior Tennis Academy
Green/Yellow Ball is designed to transition children from the 60' court to the 78' court; ultimately preparing them for USTA satellite-level tennis. Children will be taught to play a variety of point styles, focusing on all-court tennis play. Technical and tactical understandings of swings and movement will be heavily emphasized. Drills for movement, recovery, consistency, aggressiveness, and decision making will also be used. Further, situational-based approaches will be employed to instill an understanding of specific tactical decisions and their implications.

Orange Ball will provide children with a basic tactical understanding of singles and doubles on the 60' court. Rhythm and shape of swing will be introduced, with an emphasis on sending and receiving balls with topspin. An understanding of abbreviated motions for volleys versus ground strokes will be taught. Every class will include serve progressions and return of serve to prepare for competition.

This program is designed to redefine students’ tactical and technical skills. Swing shapes and rhythm will be refined with an emphasis on consistency, direction, depth, and spin. Children will be introduced to the concept of offense versus defense in singles and doubles. Use of dead ball, live ball, fitness, and competitive play drills in all areas of the court will further students' abilities to play competitively on the 60' and, soon, 78' court.

Red Ball is designed for development of movement, balance, coordination, and motor skills while learning to rally on the 36' court. Reception and projection activities will be emphasized, while introducing cooperative play. Children will learn to initiate rallies, move, and perceive ball movement, racquet control at contact, and how to control height and depth of a ball.

The foundation of competitive play on the 36' court will come from this program, and upon completion, a child should be able to play QuickStart tennis using a full or abbreviated serve motion. Children will be taught movement with an emphasis on positioning and balance, fundamentals of swings with an introduction to topspin, and basic serving motions. Children will be prepared to compete in QuickStart 8-and-Under division events.

Youth Swim
The Bay Club is the perfect setting to learn to love the water. Our staff is committed to helping children of all ages and abilities reach their highest athletic potential and, more importantly, to learn to love the water.

Group Lessons
Children ages 3–12 have the opportunity to learn swimming in small groups year-round. Children move from level one through level five in a natural swimming progression. Our low student-to-instructor ratio encourages constructive feedback and active class participation. Group lessons are available after school and on weekends during the school year. During our summer hours, morning and afternoon classes, as well as weekend classes, are available. For more information, contact the Aquatics Department at 415.962.4823 or send a email.

Private and Semi-Private Lessons
Private lessons are an outstanding way to further your child's swimming ability at his/her own pace. A professional instructor will design a personalized lesson that fits your child's needs and learning style. Semi-private lessons are a great alternative if your child has a friend of similar age and ability level. Taking lessons with a peer can make children feel more comfortable and encourage them to try new things together. Our staff's experience allows us to build relationships with children that center around trust. As a result, we are extremely successful working with children who are fearful of the water or who have had negative experiences in the past.

Packages are available in quantities of 5, 10, and 20 lessons. Prices vary by instructor. For more information, contact the Aquatics Department. As a reminder, there is a 24-hour cancellation policy in effect for all lessons.

Swim Team
Bay Club Ross Valley is host to the Pacific Coast Sharks, a year-round USA Swim team based in San Rafael, California. We provide a healthy approach to competitive swimming by guiding and supporting our swimmers, regardless of their abilities, as they strive to reach their potential.

Junior Sharks
This practice is designed for swimmers age five and older. Swimmers must be able to comfortably swim 25 yards. This is a great introduction to swim team in which our young swimmers learn a more efficient stroke while working in a group. This group meets for two practices per week: Monday and Wednesday, or Tuesday and Thursday. Competition at home meets is optional, and there are no away meets. Class is limited to 20 swimmers.

Group 1
This practice is designed for swimmers six and older. Swimmers must be able to comfortably swim 50 yards and kick 100 yards. Young swimmers focus on swimming skills and the basics of swimming etiquette while having fun. Although competition is an option for everyone on the team, we support a gradual approach to this skill and work with each child to decide when he or she is ready to compete. To get the most from your child’s involvement with the team, we recommend a minimum of two practices per week.

Group 2
This practice is designed to offer technique work on the four competitive strokes, as well as starts and turns. Emphasis is placed on learning all strokes and working together as a team. While continuing to perfect stroke techniques, stronger swimmers learn about basic training techniques like monitoring heart rate, stroke count, and pace clocks and intervals. Competition for this group is recommended, particularly at home meets. To get the most from your child’s involvement with the team, we recommend a minimum of three practices per week.

Group 3
In this group, emphasis is placed on technique with progressively longer yardage. Swimmers learn to handle more challenging sets and learn about swimming theory. During meets, we encourage our athletes to discover new events previously beyond their ability. Competition for this group is strongly recommended. To get the most out of your child’s involvement with the team, we recommend a minimum of three practices per week. For more information, contact the Aquatics Department.

The Shop

For your convenience, we offer swim googles, hats, cold beverages, and other items to ensure you enjoy your club visit to its fullest. 

Locker Rooms

Each locker room features private showers, day lockers and private lockers, plus vanity areas with complimentary toiletries. Private half-size lockers are $25 per month and can be requested via our online form. 

Parking & Valet

During the summer season, parking attendants will assist you upon arrival and assign you a specific parking spot in the Club's lot. Our staff will be available 11:00 am–7:00 pm, seven days a week, with extended hours based on demand. Members who are in need of a little extra assistance can check in with our parking staff, who will gladly park your car if needed. 

During the winter and fall seasons, we do not have parking attendants, as the parking lot typically does not fill to capacity.

• During our scheduled parking attendant hours, we ask our members to wait for an attendant to direct you.
• Members are advised not to park in the St. Sebastian Church parking lot unless specifically directed to by the parking team. Unauthorized vehicles parked in this lot may be towed by the Church, at the owner’s expense.
• For safety reasons, members are advised not to park on Bon Air Road.

Bicycle and Stroller Storage
We encourage eco-friendly transportation and have provided the membership with secured bicycle and stroller storage. Both bicycles and strollers are to be stored only in designated locations while visiting the Club. Our team is available to assist you.