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From group classes to one-on-one training, we have a wide range of fitness programs to suit all interests and levels.


Whether you're a seasoned player or picking up the racket for the first time, we have a full range of top-notch squash programs for players of all ages and abilities. Bay Club San Francisco boasts five international ASB squash courts, an estimated 750 squash-playing members, and also hosts a Friday Round Robin for all levels.

Friday Round Robin | 5:15–8:00 pm | All levels welcome
The ideal introduction into the Bay Club San Francisco squash community, the Friday Round Robin welcomes participants from beginner to advanced. Matches take place in 20-minute increments, so players have an opportunity to take on multiple partners in this competitive and fun weekly event. No registration is necessary, simply stop by and sign up and we’ll get you on the court!

Challenge Court | Monday–Friday | 4:15 pm
Join fellow players on court two, which is reserved for Challenge Court play. Take on friends for bragging rights and enjoy some fantastic competition. Simply sign in when you arrive. Players are limited to two consecutive matches. This is a great way to improve your game and forge relationships with partners who play at a similar skill level.

Private Lessons
The most efficient way to improve your game no matter what your level of play might be. Our squash pros will help you improve the technical, physical, and mental aspects of your game, as well as design lessons around your specific goals and interests. Squash lessons can include skill assessments and guidance on improving technique and honing match strategy. Lessons are either 30 or 45 minutes in length and are available for members of all ages and skill levels. 

Have You Upped Your Game with PlaySight Yet? 
PlaySight uses tactical 3D video to capture your ball and racquet speed, distance covered, calories burned, and your percentage of good versus bad shots. And these game-changing statistics are available to you directly following your match! Simply log on to PlaySight.com to receive your personal performance analysis. You can replay specific moments of your match, evaluate your footwork or serve, and track your progress through a single point, or over a wholeyear!

And signing up is easy. Contact the club’s Squash Department for more information on this exciting enhancement. To learn more visit PlaySight.com for a demonstration video. 

Group Clinics
If you prefer learning in a group environment, we offer small-group clinics. Clinics are held Monday through Sunday and are designed to benefit players of all skill levels. Check the events calendar for upcoming clinic dates and online registration information. 

Bay Club San Francisco hosts several major national tournaments at both the adult and junior level. We also host the annual NetSuite Pro Open, as well as a series of PSA closed satellite events. To learn more about playing in a tournament, contact the Squash Department.

Complimentary Women’s Training | Saturday 9:15–10:45 am
Join us for a training session designed specifically for women! You’ll get a great workout as we lead you through themed drills and games that will take your skill set to the next level. Players must be able to perform complex drills as a cohesive team.

Open Play Opportunities
The Bay Club offers several opportunities for players to participate in open play sessions, specific to varying levels of play. These sessions are a great way to find players of the same standard and a sure way to make new friends. 

Complimentary Advanced Open Play | Sunday 10:45 am–12:15 pm
This is a great way to start your Sunday. Strictly for players of 5.5 and up to find pick-up games and compete with players of the same caliber. Please check with us and find out if this open play session is for you.

Complimentary Intermediate Open Play | Saturday 10:45 am–12:15 pm
Join people of similar ability and pick up tips from Gareth and/or Charlie who will supervise all the matches. This session is great for players 3.5-4.5/5.0. 

Complimentary Novice Round Robin | Sunday 12:30–2:00 pm 
Perfect for players just beginning their squash journey, participants will play pick-up games against other new players and receive pointers from Gareth and/or Charlie.

Box League  
Set up by Gareth and Charlie, The Box League is an in-club mini monthly tournament. Sign up to play some great matches that provide just a bit of the intensity of real tournament match lay. Play your matches during the month and if you win your box, you'll receive a complimentary lesson! The cost is $10 for US Squash members and $15 for non-US Squash members.

Complimentary Find a Match Play 
Not sure which session you belong in and need to find opponents to play? Contact the Squash Department and we’ll help facilitate relationships with players of similar skill level.  

The squash program for kids and young adults at Bay Club San Francisco continues to grow as more and more juniors are introduced to this incredible sport. Many local junior players have reached high national rankings, and some have gone on to play at the collegiate level at universities such as Brown, Cornell, Taft, and Boston College.

Tots Squash Program | Ages 5 and up | Sunday 3:00–3:45 pm 
We start kids as young as five off with the Tots Squash Program. Here we teach basic hand-eye co-ordination and begin to introduce the game of squash with mini squash rackets and bouncier balls. The cost for this program is $25 per session.

Junior Squash Academy: Bronze Level| Saturdays | 2:00–3:30 pm
Our juniors then graduate to attend the Junior Squash Academy. Now playing at the bronze level, the students will develop proper technique and be introduced to tournament play. The cost for this program $200 a month for members and $230 for guests. Or $50 per session for members and $60 for guests.

Junior Squash Academy: Silver Level | Saturdays | 3:00–4:30 pm
For those players who are serious about their squash and their national ranking, these juniors are expected to attend weekly sessions and work with our pros to set goals and develop a seasonal plan. The cost for this program is $50 per session for members, and $60 for guests, The cost for per month is $200 for members, and $230 for guests.

All junior sessions are lead by our PSA player Charlie Johnson and Director of Squash Gareth Webber. For more information, contact the Squash Department

NC Fit

Check out Bay Club San Francisco's newest addition—NC Fit! We've completely redesigned our Functional Training Room to accomodate the challenging and fun NC Fit classes—and demo classes have recently started. Get a great workout, meet the instructors, and have a blast in NC Fit.

Harnessing the power of community-based, functional fitness, NC Fit has helped its growing community of 22 locations (and across 8 countries!) get stronger and fitter through forming lasting, lifelong fitness habits. Here's why NC Fit really works:

1. You're taught by the best. NC Fit prides itself on the quality and caliber of their coaches. You'll work with fitness experts who know how to push you, motivate you, and keep you reaching new goals. 

2. It's for everyone. The CrossFit approach to fitness may intimidate some exercise beginners, or those who are new to strength training, but while NC Fit shares similarities with CrossFit, it's not CrossFit altogether—it's functional fitness that's accessible to every one. Whether you're used to the NC Fit movements and circuits, or you've never tried them before, NC Fit welcomes all levels. 

3. The results are real. And if anyone would know—it's Jason himself, who started his mom on the NC Fit program and watched her lose weight, gain strength, and improve her overall health choices. Plus, NC Fit gets results through more than burpees. Using a formula called MCI to measure starting point and progress, NC Fit looks at your mechanics, consistency, and intensity.

To learn more about membership options or class packages to access NC Fit, contact membership.bcsf@bayclubs.com.

Breakaway Performance Training

The latest in high-performance cycle training from BreakAway, with participants training on actual bicycles while the Computrainer’s multirider software records their data and projects it on an overhead screen in real time, reflecting changes to physiology and exertion. 

For more information or to sign up, visit our Breakaway Performance website.


Leave the busy world behind in our 11,000-square-foot Mind & Body Center, where students can practice various styles of yoga, unencumbered by a fast-paced atmosphere.

The Mind & Body Center houses two beautiful and spacious yoga studios, plus an intimate studio for private instruction. We offer unlimited yoga classes, private instruction, and a host of public yoga events—all taught by our skilled teachers.

Private Instruction
One-on-one yoga, like personal fitness training, is tailored to you. These 60-minute sessions allow you to work privately with a yoga teacher to create a practice for your body and your level of experience. One-on-one yoga allows you to work on what makes sense for you, at your own pace.

Here are just a few reasons why you should consider adding private sessions to your weekly practice:

  • You're a beginner and want to get started without being overwhelmed or intimidated.
  • You have specific injuries or health concerns.
  • You want to work toward a fitness goal, such as increasing flexibility, targeting problem areas like tight hips, or increasing mental focus.
  • You want to add yoga to your weight-loss or strength-training program.
  • You want to cross-train for marathons or triathlons.

You can also sign up for semi-private sessions for you and a friend.

For more details on our yoga program, contact our Yoga Director at 415.983.3407 or send us an email.


Bay Club San Francisco features two 20.8-yard heated pools and a full range of aquatic programs for all ages and abilities. Our experienced professional coaches, trainers, and aquatics teachers are here to help, whether you're embarking on your first swim lesson, perfecting your technique, or training for an event.

Recreation Pool
This pool features five lanes and a warmer temperature for recreational workouts. Perfect for novice and non-competitive lap swimmers, this pool is also used for adult and children's lessons, Aqua Fit classes, and our Parent & Tot Swim Group.

Fitness Pool
Reserved for adult lap swimming and our Masters Swim workouts, the fitness pool features four lanes and a cooler temperature ideal for lap swimming. This pool is designed for serious swimmers and those training for triathlons and aquatic events.

For more details or questions, contact the Aquatics Department by sending us an email.

Personal Fitness Training

Personal Fitness Training
With our expanding selection of offerings and packages, and flexible booking system, it's easy to tailor your professional training program to your schedule and budget.

World-Class Trainers
Bay Club trainers are nationally certified and many hold exercise-related degrees. All trainers pursue extensive continuing education and professional development on a regular basis. Choose the trainer that best meets your needs by using our tier system, which recognizes a trainer’s overall record of success, level of education, specialty training, and years of experience.

Pro Trainers: Up to 2 years of experience
Master Trainers: 2+ years
Elite Trainers: 3+ years
Ultimate Trainers: 5+ years

To schedule a personal training session, send us an email.

Pilates & Beyond

Pilates conditions your entire body and promotes balanced musculature, flexibility, and agility. Both an artform and a great workout, Pilates can help you enjoy daily activities and sports with more ease and less risk of injury.

At Bay Club San Francisco, you'll find the most comprehensive Pilates program of any athletic club, Pilates & Beyond. Our unique approach features a variety of classes taught by expert instructors, private instruction in our Personal Pilates & Gyrotonic Studio, sport-specific training, Pilates performances, parties, and more.

Pilates Prime
At the Bay Club, our goal is to offer a comprehensive and affordable Pilates program that will provide you the opportunity to experience a range of instruction while you safely and effectively progress your Pilates practice. With this in mind, we give you Pilates Prime. This innovative new membership gives you unlimited access to our Pilates Allegro classes. What’s more, as a Pilates Prime member, you’ll also receive special discounted rates on personal studio instruction!

With this membership, you’ll have the ability to attend any of the Allegro classes on the schedule. And class sign-ups can be made up to three days in advance at the Reception Desk, or online via the website. Additionally, our Preferred Guaranteed membership option gives you the ability to pre-book your class times prior to the beginning of each month.

Pilates Preferred—$200 a month
Pilates Prime—$149

For more information or to sign up, contact the Pilates Department at 415.983.3407 or send us an email.

Specialty Programs

Boost your workout routine with our specialty fitness programs. To sign up or for more information about any of our classes, send us an email

BreakAway Performance Training

The latest in high-performance cycle training from BreakAway, with participants training on actual bicycles while the Computrainer’s multirider software records their data and projects it on an overhead screen in real time, reflecting changes to physiology and exertion.

Six-Week Weight-Loss Challenge

An uncommon solution to a common problem: unwanted weight gain. An intensive four-day-a-week program designed to help burn a maximum of calories, featuring weekly weigh-ins, daily tracking with a personal Jawbone UP, and nutritional guidance that helps participant attain long-term weight loss.

Fit Pass 

For when an individual can’t decide on a specialty program. Allows the holder to sample a number of the Club’s most popular programs—Pilates Reformer, SHRED, and Flex Training—without committing to an entire series. Each Fit Pass is good for 10 sessions, giving the holder plenty of time to find the perfect workout.


A circuit of 10–12 timed stations, with participants earning points to compete against each other—and themselves. Challenges developed by some of the top sports conditioning coaches in the country to transform participants into strong, lean athletic machines.

Flex Training

A revolutionary program that allows participants to drop in for a fitness training session when they want, as frequently as they want—with all the benefits of personal training, plus increased flexibility, convenience, and cost savings. The result? You train more and it shows.


The Bay Club’s proven all-in-one exercise and nutrition coaching program that allows participants to jump-start a fitness routine, or break through a weight-loss plateau, and get “leaner for a lifetime” with one-on-one nutrition and fitness planning, coupled with small-group training twice a week.

Les Mills’ GRIT 

A challenging 30-minute workout from Les Mills—the creator of BODYPUMP and BODYCOMBAT—that increases aerobic capacity, strength, muscular endurance, metabolism, and power via a demanding combination of weightlifting, running, and plyometrics.


An intensive clinical blood test that evaluates everything from cholesterol to cardiac health to hormone panels, with all results reviewed with a registered dietitian. Re-tests can be taken every 120 days when blood cells regenerate to quickly measure significant improvement from fitness, lifestyle, and nutritional changes.

InBody Analysis 

The InBody230 combines fast, convenient, and accurate body composition analysis via bioimpedance, distinguishing between body fat and muscle mass, helping the participant to better understand and monitor how diet, lifestyle, and exercise all influence body composition.


Get together for some friendly competition on our full-size basketball court, available for recreational open play, competitive leagues, and tournaments.

League Play

Fall and spring leagues are organized by draft and members create their own tournament teams. We provide NCBOA (Northern California Basketball Officials Association) referees, team jerseys, weekly statistical updates, playoffs, and league parties, plus an All-Star Game and a championship celebration.

Training and Conditioning

Make the most of your workouts and your on-court opportunities with private or small-group Basketball Training and Conditioning. Our trainers are all former collegiate players who can help improve your strength and power, while increasing your speed and agility.

For more information on training or league play, send us an email.

Drop-in Schedule

Monday through Friday: 10:30 am–1:00 pm & 4:30 pm–7:00 pm
Monday, Wednesday, Friday only: 6:30 am–8:00 am
Saturday: 8:30 am–12:00 pm