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When we COME TOGETHER there’s nothing we can’t do.

Come together for a complete membership experience: Spacious clubs with a wealth of outdoor & indoor fitness options; exquisitely maintained campuses dedicated to bringing you the best amenities in your area; welcoming, inclusive spaces; and flexible memberships for you and your community. Find what makes you happy and keeps you healthy – at the Bay Club.

IntroducingShared Membership

Our groundbreaking redefinition of membership lets you easily add up to 5 other people – friends or family – even if you live in different households. Share the benefits, split the cost, and get healthy together!

Your people,
your place

As a long-time leader in hospitality and fitness, we champion innovation, collaboration, and adaptability. Whether you're seeking a daily escape or a place to share favorite moments, you can find it all here. If you haven’t been to the Bay Club, why not schedule a tour and discover what our communities offer?

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From membership toLasting Memories

From swimming to racquet sports and open-air workouts, to group classes and one-on-one training, the Bay Club has abundant activities for you. Members also enjoy exclusive events and perks from free coffee to childcare!

weekday kids & sports camp

When school's out, it's time to play. From sports‐specific camps like tennis, and golf, to multi‐sport camps, your kid will find the perfect fit to grow, meet new friends, and have fun!

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