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The Clubhouse

At the Bay Club, we’re embarking on a $30 million investment to completely change the landscape of family programming with the creation of The Clubhouse!

Taking its name from that magical place where childhood fantasy runs wild, The Clubhouse is a total reimagining of our childcare centers, featuring all-new innovative programming—plus a collection of experiential spaces that engage and wow kids on every level.

Age-Appropriate Categories

What’s exciting for kids at one age can be a bit ordinary to kids just a few years older. So to keep all ages engaged and involved, we’re grouping kids into the following categories:

• Play: Infant and non-walkers
• Wonder: Toddlers (see sample schedule)
• Imagination: Kids 5–8 (see sample schedule)
• Happy: Kids ages 9+ (see sample schedule)

All About The Clubhouse
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The Clubhouse | Playroom View

The Clubs below feature The Clubhouse

El Segundo

2250 Park Place
El Segundo, CA 90245


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