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Our Summer Crew is Looking For You

We're hiring for seasonal summer positions throughout our clubs.

At the Bay Club We Are:


Whether on the fitness floor or in the sales office, we play to win. We want the best for the company, setting lofty goals and achieving them.


One voice. One company. That’s what we stand by. We pride ourselves on collaboration, constantly pushing one another to become better.


We have an entrepreneurial mindset and are not afraid to constantly bring new ideas to the table.


We are passionate and creative individuals who take ideas and run with them.

Is Just An Application Away.
Sales Jobs


Showcase your natural talent and caring spirit—and join our growing team that’s interrupting the hospitality industry with fresh attitudes and ideas.

Sales Jobs


Be a part of an energizing, inspiring fitness team that brings fresh attitudes and ideas and shares their expertise to help people reach their goals.


Sales Jobs


Develop projects, work collaboratively, and make your mark on a company that is changing the hospitality industry with innovative ideas.

Bay Club

Ray Manning
Vice President General Manager

The Bay Club is an amazing hospitality company with so many opportunities for growth and advancement across our different campuses. I am very excited and proud to be a part of this team because there is a commitment to not just invest in the business, but also the employees. It is fun being surrounded by passionate, competitive, and accomplished colleagues who love supporting one another.

Kristina Alai
Regional Fitness Program Director

Working for the Bay Club has been such a rewarding experience. The sense of community compels me to empower others by creating a workspace that incites motivation and fosters positive energy. We believe in one voice, one message, one team. We pride ourselves on collaborating, constantly pushing one another to become better and grow under the Bay Club umbrella. I started my journey as an entry-level personal trainer and group exercise instructor. Within a short period of time and dedicated work, I have catapulted into many leadership positions. I am inspired by seeing how our ideas come together and grow the business to stay ahead with the constant fitness evolution. I know using my story as a platform can encourage current and future associates of the Bay Club to pursue and achieve their goals.

Jennifer Lythgoe
Director of Employee Relations

I love working at the Bay Club for the entrepreneurial spirit. We are empowered to think about the business as if it’s our own—and we’re continually challenged to do better in all facets of the business. And on a personal note, I have formed great friendships with my co-workers; the camaraderie we have both inside and outside of the workplace is unique and special. I couldn’t ask for a better place to work that combines career growth with a team atmosphere.

Joe Dalecio
SVP Sales, East Bay/Oregon

My Bay Club career began in June 2015 as an Assistant Membership Director in our Los Angeles market. I eventually transitioned into operations as the General Manager of the San Francisco Campus in fall 2018. During that time, I gained critical experience and a fundamental understanding of all of the moving parts it takes to successfully operate a club. I have the wonderful opportunity to be hands-on with the field in addition to helping drive company-wide initiatives as we continue to improve our sales processes.

Associate Perks

At the Bay Club, we offer programs and perks that cultivate a healthy and active workplace environment. Here are the perks you can expect in your benefits package:

Club Membership

A happy and healthy associate is an invested associate. All of our associates receive a complimentary membership.


We have a thirst for knowledge. We know your future is important to you, which is why we host multiple training and development workshops.


Represent #bayclubhappy everywhere you go. All associates receive exclusive discounts on club services and amenities.


Our families are everything to us. Our associates can show their kids what the Bay Club is all about with access to our family amenities.


We are constantly pushing the envelope. In order to dream big and work hard, we know how important rest is—which is why our full-time exempt associates receive unlimited vacation.


A team that plays together, stays together. Get to know fellow associates through fun and informative company retreats while working together to advance our mission.


We recruit top talent. We offer base salaries at or above market rates plus additional earning opportunities based on the position.


We believe in giving back as a team. We offer opportunities throughout the year to allow full-time associates to give back while on the clock.


Your health is important to us. We’ve invested in comprehensive health insurance options to help when you need it most.


Live happy and work happy at the Bay Club.