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Introducing, Shared Membership

Times have changed, and we’re doing our best to adapt to the changing needs of our members and community. Inspired in part by what we’ve heard from our members and a shift toward shared economy, the Bay Club is launching a new membership that is more flexible and inclusive. Welcome to Shared Membership!

What's a Shared Membership?
  • You and up to any five additional people can share a membership. And guess what—there is no need for you to live in the same household. You can share this membership with anyone.

  • Your primary member is the leader of your pack. You’ll count on them to manage the account details, membership changes, as well as own financial responsibility.

  • We heard you wanted a membership that is flexible. So, the primary member can add someone to the membership at any time, as well as remove any member by the 25th of each month.

  • You can share the Bay Club with friends and family across different regions by selecting a Club West Gold membership.

  • Even the best things have rules. Here’s ours: Those sharing a membership may book one sport in advance per location, per day. Same day bookings welcome.

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Ready to Share?
  1. Let us know you are interested in switching your current membership by completing the form below.

  2. We’ll contact you to answer any questions you have, provide more details, and get your membership switched over.

  3. You’ll receive confirmation and next steps on transitioning your membership and adding your new members.


How long does it take to transition my membership?

Once you confirm, you will be asked to share the details of the additional members on your account and sign your updated membership agreement. This process generally takes about 5-7 business days. From there, your new Shared Membership will take effect immediately after the end of your current billing cycle.

How will Shared Membership impact my dues?

Based on your home club location, and your add-on members, your new monthly dues will be communicated to you in your updated membership agreement. Your new Shared dues will become effective on the 1st day of your next billing cycle.

How do I manage my add-on members?

Once you are officially approved with a Shared Membership, you can manage your add-ons via the Connect App, under the Members tab. From here, you can add/remove members on a monthly basis. Note: Primary Member changes must be made by contacting Bay Club Support.

Is there a fee to add someone to my Shared Membership?

As of June 1, 2023, a $25 processing fee will be charged to your account each time a member is added to your Shared Membership. For new memberships, this will start the second month of your membership, so add your squad before your first month ends to not incur processing fees.

If you remove someone from your Shared Membership, you will incur a $25 processing fee to add them back on to your membership.