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What is the process for check in once I arrive at the Bay Club?

Upon arriving at the Club, all members must check in at the Front Desk at each visit using your Connect App or membership number.

Do I need to have a photo on file in order to access the club?

Yes, we are asking all members to provide a photo that will be added to your membership account to help us protect you and your membership.  You can simply come into the club and ask to have your picture taken at the front desk, or you can add the picture yourself on the member friendly Connect app.

A few details you should know.

– All members 14 years and older will need to have a photo on file. Members under the age of 14 are not required to have a photo on file.

– Members without a photo in Connect, will see that their barcode used for check-in at the club has been “greyed-out”.

There are 2 ways to add your photo.

– You can have your photo taken at the front desk and it will automatically be added to your membership profile. If you already have a photo on file and are unhappy with it, no problem, we can take a new photo and add it.

– You can now add your own photo from your phone. Your photo can only be uploaded one time and if you do not already have one on file, follow these simple steps below.

Step 1: Take a new photo or choose one from your photo library. We ask that no hats, masks, or sunglasses are worn in your photo.

Step 2: If taking a new photo, position your face in the circle.

Step 3: Confirm photo for upload.

Step 4: Select the upload button.

We value you as a member of our community.  Please help us protect you and your membership.  Thank you!


Am I able to bring a guest with me?

Yes! Your guests are always welcome at the Club, however each guest is limited to up to 2 visits per month regardless of which member they are a guest of.

If you are bringing a guest to the Club, please be sure to check in at the Front Desk, pay the prevailing Guest Fee or use your membership Guest Passes, if available, and have your guest complete the waiver in our Digital Guest Kiosk. It is also imperative that members understand that they are responsible for all conduct, actions, and behavior of their guests while on Bay Club property. Guests may utilize the facilities or play a sport only when accompanied by a member. The Club reserves the right to limit the number of guests a member may bring to the Club and to adjust guest fees at any time without prior written notice. Existing members are not permitted to use the Club as a guest while on a Leave of Absence or suspended status.

Active members will receive monthly or quarterly guest passes depending on membership tier, as follows:

– Club West Traditional Memberships and Club West Gold Shared Primary Members: 2 Guest Passes Monthly

– Executive Club, Campus, Single Site Members for Traditional Members and Shared Primary Members only: 2 Guest Passes Quarterly. Passes will be issued on the 1st of the month in February, May, August, and November.

Guest passes will be available in your Bay Club Connect account. Guests passes issued between January 1 through October 31 will expire on December 31. Passes issued between November 1 through December 31, will roll over into the following year and expire in December of the following year.

Where can I find the Lost and Found?

Although the Club is not responsible for lost or stolen items, should you accidentally leave your belongings at the Club, please inquire about them in person at the Front Desk. No lost and found can be verified over the phone.


General Membership

How can I manage my account online?

By using your Connect app, track your daily club usage, access your account balance, update your member information, contact the Club, and pay your bill online. For more information, please visit Connect.

When are my membership payments due?

Members are billed once a month on the 1st of the month and payments are due before the last day of the month via Connect or by bill pay/check sent to our secure lockbox: The Bay Club Company PO Box 511462 Los Angeles CA 90051-8017. Please allow enough time for payments to be posted to your account.

Past Due Accounts

If payments are not paid by their due date, then they are considered late and subject to a late charge. All accounts with a past due amount are subject to be charged the past due amount to their payment on file at any time. Any credit or debit card payments that are declined are to be assessed with a decline fee. Any accounts past 60 days due are subject to be suspended.

Is there a fee to upgrade my membership?

All upgrade requests must be submitted through Connect. The fees vary depending on membership tier.

Shared Membership

What is the Shared Membership program?

Come together for a membership you can share with up to 5 friends and family members. Here’s how it works:

  • You and up to 5 additional friends/family under one membership. Share with anyone – no need to live in the same household.
  • Your primary member becomes the account manager in which they will own all financial responsibility.
  • Pack Leader can add someone at any time, as well as remove any member by the 25th of each month and not be billed the following month.
  • Share the Bay Club with friends and family across different regions by selecting a Club West Gold membership.
  • Participants in a Shared Membership may book one sport in advance per location, per day. Same day bookings welcome.

How do I start a Shared Membership?

We are so excited that you are interested in the Shared Membership! Whether you are a new member or current member, please open a case through Connect to inquire on how to convert to a Shared Membership.

How do I add people to my Shared Membership?

You can easily add members to your Shared Membership through the Connect App, under the Household tab.  To get started, check out our video here. Just a few steps needed!

Is there a charge for adding someone to my Shared Membership?

A processing fee will be charged to your account each time a member is added to your Shared Membership. For new memberships, this will start the second month of your membership, so add your squad before your first month ends to not incur processing fees.

If you remove someone from your Shared Membership, you will incur a processing fee to add them back on to your membership.

Billing when converting to a Shared Membership.

If converting your membership to a Shared Membership, your account balance must be cleared before joining and your new billing will start on the 1st of the following month.

Connect App

How do I find out my username and password?

Your username is created upon signing up to the Connect app. The created username or membership number can be used to log in with your password. New members will receive their member number with the welcome email.

  • Existing members can find their member number on their monthly statement and on their barcode within the Connect App.
  • Primary members have a list of their Shared Membership add-on member numbers on their Bay Club Connect account under the Household tab.

How do I reset my username and/or password?

Go to Connect

  • Select Forgot password or username
  • Only usernames can be retrieved, passwords will have to be reset.

Where can I access my billing information on Bay Club Connect?

You can easily log into the app and click the profile tab on the bottom right side of the screen then select billing. Here, you will be able to access your statements, payment methods, and account activity.

How can I contact the Bay Club?

You can easily log into the app and click the More tab on the bottom right side of the screen then select Contact us. Here, you will be able to submit requests regarding membership changes, billing questions, and modifying your Shared Membership roster.



How can I view the daily class schedule and register for classes?

Log into Connect, choose your club and select the Fitness tile. The daily class schedule will be displayed by time.  Scroll through the calendar to view additional offerings.

How can I schedule a private training session?

You can purchase a fitness package through Connect under Packages on the profile tab.

Am I allowed to bring my own personal trainer to the Bay Club?

Only certified Bay Club staff will be permitted to do personal training in our facilities.


How do I reserve a tennis court?

Tennis courts can be easily booked using the Connect app.

How do I make a reservation for Golf?

Golf reservations are available through ForeTees, using Connect.

  • Note that tee times are available for booking based on membership category. Please refer to our membership guidelines for specific booking windows.

What is the rock climbing center at the Bay Club in Oregon?

Experience the thrill of rock climbing as you take your fitness to new heights on our indoor rock wall. Don’t be intimidated — rock climbing is a great workout for people of all ages, fitness levels, and climbing experience and our experienced Associates will make sure you stay safe as you enjoy the great indoors. For more specific information, please contact Bay Club Portland Member Services or inquire on the Connect app.


How long can my child stay at Childcare?

Complimentary Childcare is available for up to three consecutive hours per day for those children who are included within a membership. For those children who are not included on a membership, parents or guardians who are members may make childcare arrangements for a fee, for up to three consecutive hours per day.

Do I need a reservation for Childcare?

You will need to make a reservation for childcare through Connect.

Do I need to be at the club while my child is in Childcare?

Parents must remain on the property for the duration of the session.

What do the Bay Club camps offer?

Bay Club Camps are here to help your child see their friends, play sports, and just have fun. To find out more about our offerings and camp details, go here.

Who can attend the camps?

Open to both members and non-members, we offer camp sessions for children aged 3–17, led by your trusted Bay Club associates and sports and fitness professionals.

How do I book my child/children for camp?

For all camp registrations please log in to Connect. To find out more about our summer camps, please click here.



Are there lockers available for day usage?

Day lockers are provided by the Club for daily temporary storage only. Lockers are emptied nightly, and the Club does not assume responsibility for items left overnight. Private lockers, including executive lockers, are available for a monthly fee on a limited basis at select clubs. Please refrain from storing valuable items in lockers. If interested in Private or Executive lockers, please contact your club.

Can children use the locker rooms?

Use of locker rooms by children varies by club location. Please refer to Membership Guidelines or see your club for details.

Are towels provided?

Towels are provided free of charge. To help conserve water and natural resources, we ask that you use no more than two towels per visit.

Which clubs feature a Spa?

The clubs below feature a Spa. For additional information about the Spa, please visit our website here.



East Bay Campus 

  • Bay Club Walnut Creek

San Jose Campus

  • Bay Club Courtside

Pacific Northwest

  • PRO Club Seattle

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