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*Cancelled | *Substitute


subs for the week of 7/15- 7/21/19
5:00 am
rise & ride flight
5:30 am
Laurie Chin
jumpstart cardio
6:00 am
Sharon McLafferty
vinyasa flow
6:00 am
Josie Kramer
masters swim
6:00 am
Gina Greco
ignite lower body – online sign up
6:15 am
Neil K
6:30 am
Sharon McLafferty
ignite full body – online sign up
7:30 am
Dan H
gentle yoga
8:00 am
Josie Kramer
road ride
8:30 am
Chauncey Dennis
the drop – 8:30am fitness studio!
8:45 am
7/22: Class will be held from 8:30-9:15AM in the Fitness Studio!(SUB)
Gail Winthrop
power yoga
9:30 am
Kori Clausen
9:30 am
Marjolein Mayer
ignite glutes/abs – online sign up
9:45 am
Alicia A
latinva dance – held in the gymnasium on 7/22!
10:00 am
7/22: Class will be held in the gymnasium!(SUB)
the battle – online sign up
10:30 am
Neil K
10:45 am
Flissa Mannella
zumba – held in the gymnasium on 7/22!
11:00 am
7/22: Class will be held in the gymnasium!(SUB)


yoga core
12:00 pm
Laura Anderson
performance cycle flight
12:00 pm
Lisa Gladstone
bodypump express
12:15 pm
Sanna Ronkko
forever fit – cancelled 7/22 only!
Sub: Nora & Joyce
cancer wellfit
1:15 pm
Marie O'Brien


yoga fundamentals – every 1st monday of the month!
4:30 pm
Caroline M
5:00 pm
Terri Cisneros
fx flight – online sign up
5:15 pm
Sub 7/22: Janine A(SUB)
power yoga
5:30 pm
David Romero
ignite upper body – online sign up
6:00 pm
Omari B
6:15 pm
Denise Klatte
fx cycle – online sign up
6:30 pm
Sub 7/22: Laurie C(SUB)
afro-brazilian beat – cancelled 7/22 only!
7/8: Christina B is subbing Cardio Dance(SUB)
ignite full body – online sign up
7:00 pm
Omari B
yoga core
7:00 pm
Heather Dawn
the battle
7:30 pm
Ken Park

*Cancelled | *Substitute


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