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*Cancelled | *Substitute


rise & ride
5:30 am
Christina Peck
6:00 am
Robert Astalos
masters swim
6:00 am
Gina Greco
ignite upper body – online sign up
6:15 am
Omari B
6:30 am
Sharon McLafferty
road ride flight
7:00 am
Attila Fruttus
ignite full body – online sign up
7:30 am
Omari B
yoga stretch & release
8:00 am
Robert Astalos
power sculpt
8:15 am
Becky Neumann
8:45 am
8/21: Ken will sub MetFit(SUB)
fx cycle – online sign up
9:00 am
the battle – online sign up
9:30 am
Erica M
vinyasa flow
9:30 am
Sub 8/21: Caro M(SUB)
ignite lower body – online sign up
9:45 am
Breann Mitchell
latinva dance
10:00 am
8/21: Christina B will sub Cardio Dance(SUB)
10:30 am
Erica Marsh
zumba toning
11:00 am
Karla Vega


performance cycle flight
12:00 pm
Sub 8/21: Lisa G(SUB)
12:00 pm
Sub 8/21: Caro M(SUB)
bodypump express
12:15 pm
Claudine Cooper
forever fit
1:00 pm
Donna Rojas
cancer wellfit
1:15 pm
Marie O'Brien


5:00 pm
Stephanie Dunlap
alignment yoga flow
5:30 pm
Sub 8/21: Donna R(SUB)
true barre
5:30 pm
Ashley Ward
ignite glutes/abs – online sign up
6:00 pm
Sub 8/21: Erica M(SUB)
6:15 pm
Denise Klatte
6:30 pm
Arthur Crenshaw
hip hop cycle
6:30 pm
Jo Williams
ignite full body – online sign up
7:00 pm
Nate F
vinyasa flow
7:00 pm
Maureen O'Connor
the battle
7:30 pm
Ken Park

*Cancelled | *Substitute


At the Bay Club, we strive to craft experiences that create a robust and active lifestyle for our members – with a focus on sports, fitness, hospitality, and family. A key piece of our success is listening to the needs of our members and using their input to influence our programming and amenities. And, we have found it is just as important to listen early – before the membership has even started.

So, please tell us a little about what brought you here today and what you would like your Bay Club experience to look like. We thank you for taking the time to share a little bit about yourself and look forward to assisting you.

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