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*Cancelled | *Substitute


boxing boot camp
6:00 am
Lerone McElrath
vinyasa flow
7:00 am
Matty Whitmore
barre strong
8:30 am
Emma F.
plyojam cardio dance
8:30 am
Christina Brewer
rhythm ride
9:00 am
Sub 10/15 Nicole H.
ultimate conditioning
9:30 am
Leslie R.
power sculpt
9:30 am
Sergio Penaloza
cardio dance
10:30 am
Alfie Lewis
gentle yoga
10:30 am
Helen C.


stretch & release
12:15 pm
Jackie Daneshrad


zumba(cardio dance 10/1 only)
4:30 pm
Kay Garvin
yoga flow
6:00 pm
Nichola Dunn
6:00 pm
Kay Garvin
ultimate conditioning
7:00 pm
Rufus Dorsey
hatha yoga
7:30 pm
Wayne Lehrer

*Cancelled | *Substitute


At the Bay Club, we strive to craft experiences that create a robust and active lifestyle for our members – with a focus on sports, fitness, hospitality, and family. A key piece of our success is listening to the needs of our members and using their input to influence our programming and amenities. And, we have found it is just as important to listen early – before the membership has even started.

So, please tell us a little about what brought you here today and what you would like your Bay Club experience to look like. We thank you for taking the time to share a little bit about yourself and look forward to assisting you.

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